Friday, July 30, 2010

More Free Steno Audio Drills and Dictation

Here are a few more sources for free steno drills and dictation that I've found since my last post on the subject:

Actual Business Letters Dictated at Various Speeds Ranges from 90-110 wpm. Click on the links underneath "VBR MP3" to download the individual files. Challenging stuff!

12th Week's Practice Podcast Excellent recordings and some good advice as well. I like the 70/30 rule that Candis Bradshaw recommends on page 1. Most files are labeled from 90 wpm to 200 wpm.

Machine Speed Shorthand - Sydney Institute More good stuff with the added challenge of writing through Australian accents. Or here's another link to the same files, I think, hosted on iTunes. 70 wpm to 180 wpm.

Court's Podcast Several months worth of steno drills and dictation!

Shorthand - NCTJ 60 wpm through 120 wpm. More good practice with accents. See right side of page for audios and pdf transcripts.

Teeline Shorthand Online Dictation 50-100 wpm.

Shorthand Shorthand Shorthand  Audio files range from 60 wpm to 140 wpm and are available at the bottom of the page. The current audio is about insurance, and the site says it's updated monthly.

Victation's Podcast Located on iTunes. Five files at 60 and 80 wpm only.

Want more free dictation? Click herehere, and here to see the rest of my free court reporting dictation list.



  2. Sure, happy to help! I get bored with the same ol' stuff anyways, so I figure other people do as well. Your site is full of great info too, so it's the least I can do!

  3. Thanks so much for posting these! As a seasoned freelance court reporter who is studying to take an official test in November, I really appreciate it as all my school stuff is buried somewhere.

  4. Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for commenting, and good luck on your official test in November! I'm glad to share these with others in the court reporting field.

    Did you see the really high-speed stuff on the most recent post about free audio? If not, click the Free Audios/Dictation tab on top, and go to the "Jimadjeff's Space" link.

  5. Thanks for linking to our website but we have had some changes and the link has now changed to and the dictations are at

    Thank you!