Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free Shorthand Dictation for Practice

Due to popular demand, here's another post for you steno heads and shorthand lovers with which to hone your skills. See below for links to some free audio dictation.

A course to get you started on the basics. Great for practicing individual letters for finger drills and common words practice. Can't remember if I've posted this link before. If so, well, here it is again. Pitman Training Audio Dictation Library

Not sure who to credit this to, but check this link out for practice material. A wide variety of subjects, including dictation specific to different categories, including legal phrases, banking phrases, insurance phrases and the like. Dictation Passages

Courtreportingredlion is posting again! I see lots of end-of-school speeds here ranging from 140 wpm to 225 words per minute.

That should keep you practicing for a while.

Done already? Okay. There's more free dictation here and here and here.


Patricia O'Neill said...

Hi Jenni,

It's Patricia in the UK again. Forgive me if I mention something you are already familiar with - there are some videos of legal staff posted under "walandnoah" on YouTube - though not all the videos by that poster are of him reading so you have to trawl through but the snapshots give you a bit of a clue. These seem to be fairly fast stuff. There is also a posting on YouTube of slower speeds "Teeline Practice-Dawn Johnston” posted by "staffygirl30". There are a lot of "staffygirl" postings - mostly about female Staffordshire bull terrier dogs. I live in the English county of Staffordshire so I am sort of a "staffygirl" - more of a staffy old trout these days - though I didn't post the teeline video. Sorry I didn't means to write 'War and Peace' when I started the posting.

court stenographer mineola said...

Thanks for this tips which need in learning steno for court reporting career.

Flynnlegal said...
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Gloria Moss said...

YouTube Channel: Moss4ACI - Free dictation - all speeds.

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