Hi! I'm Jennifer, stenographer, artist, and nature lover located in the Upper Midwest along the Mississippi River in the United States. Speaking Louder Than Words is a lifestyle blog and resource for those seeking greater satisfaction in their work life through the exploration of creativity.

This website project began in 2010, known then as Court Reporter Bound, and served as a motivational and accountability tool while I earned my associate's degree in judicial reporting and RPR certification. Throughout that process, I shared updates on my progress in steno school, free practice dictation materials, and lots of tips & tricks for gaining speed and proficiency.

They say "write what you know," so as my role transitioned from student to working stenographer and successful business owner, the subject matter covered has also changed. In addition to writing about language, the field of court reporting, and business, other topics include home, garden, and health. I can also talk for hours about consciousness, communication, and contradictions, so don't get me started unless you've got all day!

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to send me a message at JenniferTheStenographer @ gmail dot com.

Sidebar photo by Dahli Durley Photography, taken at Sutra Global Imports.