Contraction Distraction

As mentioned in the previous post, one of the weak spots in my writing is contractions. Every time I’ve heard one during today’s dictation, it’s thrown me off. Rather than introduce more hesitation into my writing, I’ve decided to clear this problem up with a quick little drill. These are slightly modified from the way StenEd teaches these, as I like to have the asterisk in the outlines to sort of represent the apostrophe.

aren't R*NT, are not R-NT
can’t K*NT, cannot K-NT
couldn't KAO*NT, could not KAONT
didn’t D*NT, did not D-NT
doesn't SD*NT, does not SD-NT
don’t DO*ENT, do not DONT
isn't S*NT, is not S-NT
it’s T*S, it is T-S, its ITS
shouldn't SHAO*NT, should not SHAONT
they've THA*IF, they have THEF, that I have THAIF
wasn't WU*NT, was not WUNT
we’ve WAO*EF, we have WEF, weave WAOEF
weren't W*RNT, were not W-RNT
won't WO*ENT, will not L-NT
wouldn't WAO*NT, would not WAONT

Those are just a few. Enjoy.