The F'N -FN

Steno students always know better than their teachers, right? Not so, I’m sad to report. One teacher of mine in particular has harped on us since day 39, probably, about the dangers of using a too-difficult stroke when writing at 225 wpm. “But I can do that outline just fine,” I say proudly, practically feeling holes being glared into the back of my head. (That reminds me – sit front and center in your dictation class if you can! The glare-holes are well worth it to be able to hear the dictation perfectly and/or get more out of your court reporting class.)

It turns out, of course, she knew what she was talking about. What’s doable at 60 or 120 wpm is another story when going towards 200 wpm. For me, certain -FN-based strokes are coming out like garbage even after practice. So the latest tweak to my writing has been changing the "even family" to outlines with easier strokes.

I’m not saying the –FN stroke is not able to be mastered, but it’s going to take time. This is just somewhere to start, and I think this particular word family comes up enough to warrant simplifying. If it slows me down, practice it. If it doesn't improve, change it.

For more practice on the -FN stroke, check out Lady Steno's -FN and -MGS drill.