Let Them Eat Cake

After reading a fellow CR blogger's most recent post about The pros and cons of going paperless as a student, I was inspired to share with you how you can have your cake and eat it too prior to buying your first professional steno machine. Included in the wealth of steno knowledge known as Cheap and Sleazy is an article about a how to temporarily shorten your keystroke depth on your Stentura or similar machine, thus making it more like a professional machine.

I did this to my Stenograph Stentura 400 SRT, and it's made a world of difference! It's not as hard a procedure as it sounds, and I'm not mechanically inclined by any stretch of the imagination. I could tell almost immediately that it made a positive difference in my writing speed. If I had to put a quantitative number on it, I'd say it added 5-10 words a minute in speed after doing this. See full article for complete instructions.

And call me eco-girl, but I reuse my paper pads over and over unless I'm taking a speed test. Some people just remove their ink cartridges to go paperless, but it seems like the platen (AKA rubber roller) still is getting direct impact by the keys with that setup. Personal preference, I guess. And as I write this, I'm reminded that reading back notes is an essential part of solidifying your steno strokes, so after I'm done testing, I'll be saving the paper notes for future readback.


steno_diva225 said...

Hey, I used to be a total eco-girl too before I went paperless. Interesting article!

gdwarner said...

Thanks for reading ol' Cheap and Sleazy! Glad you got something of use from it.

Keep practicing ...!


Jenni said...

Thanks for stopping by, StenoDiva and GDW!

I know, right? Being green is practically a compulsion for me. I feel almost guilty when I pull out a new pack of paper and maneuver it out of the cellophane. ;)

Ha, just "something of use"? Your whole site is full of goodies. Thanks for putting it out there! And the gentle reminder to keep practicing. I can blog all I want, but the only thing that will bring about my success in the CR world is sitting down and actually practicing.

gdwarner said...

Hi, Jenni.

Thanks for the compliments!

The secret to practicing and "getting your blog on," as the saying goes (or will go, if the expression catches on!), is easy: Use your steno machine to write your blog!

I have taken a "page" from your play book, and am reusing my steno paper for the transcription work I do. No one needs to see my notes (my new boss only wants to see the English translation, for some reason!), and I can see my notes both on my writer and on my laptop, so that's enough feedback right there.

And, speaking of transcription work, guess I'd best get back to it! (Dang, this Nanosaur 2 game is addicting .....)


Jenni said...

Fantastic idea! I used my steno machine to write most of the 10,000 Hours post, but will take it to the next level and only blog with my machine from now on. I really can have my cake and eat it too!

Reusing steno paper for transcription work sounds like a great idea. Saving the planet 300 folds at a time! ;)

Paul Brincau said...

I am still one of the old fashioned Cr who still operates Premier Power software; too lazy to change. It does the same job as most recent software do, except load on to the newer laptops - however I use olp LT that take windows 97.
My query is: I know there is a facility in Premier Power to number questions, and it's there in the page layout. However, I don't know how to get it to work. Any help out there? Many thanks. Paul Brincau, London.

Court Reporter Bound said...

Hi, Paul. I'm not familiar with that program. My apologies. I wonder if there's someone on depoman.com that might be able to help you. Check it out. It's free to register and post, and there are so many knowledgeable people on there. Good luck!

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