Free Steno Drills and Dictation

Looking for some new audios or steno drills to listen to? Thankfully (or regrettably), my teacher for the summer session has loaded us up with more dictation than we can possibly master in the three hours of required practice per day, so I don't currently have that problem. But this post is for those people whose court reporting school is on break and are getting bored with the same old stuff. Here are some sources for free dictation in no particular order.

SpeedySteno - Click on "click to choose a lesson" or you won't see anything listed.  I think you can even download these and feed them into your VSP (variable speed player). 120 to 160 wpm range.

Simply Steno - These audios are not completely free, but at least there's no money required.  Just review any steno-related product or service on Steno Watchdog in exchange for using these.  That's a steal, people.

Court Reporting Help Drill 3 - "Did" to "do" phrases.

Court Reporting Help Drill 4 - "I didn't" to "I said" phrases.

Shorthand World - 50 to 110 wam. If you can hear past the British accents, this is a good source.

Court Reporting Tutor on YouTube - A wide variety of practice material and speeds available.

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