Free Steno Drills and Dictation

Looking for some new audios or steno drills to listen to? Thankfully (or regrettably), my teacher for the summer session has loaded us up with more dictation than we can possibly master in the three hours of required practice per day, so I don't currently have that problem. But this post is for those people whose court reporting school is on break and are getting bored with the same old stuff. Here are some sources for free dictation in no particular order.

SpeedySteno - Click on "click to choose a lesson" or you won't see anything listed.  I think you can even download these and feed them into your VSP (variable speed player). 120 to 160 wpm range.

Simply Steno - These audios are not completely free, but at least there's no money required.  Just review any steno-related product or service on Steno Watchdog in exchange for using these.  That's a steal, people.

Court Reporting Help Drill 3 - "Did" to "do" phrases.

Court Reporting Help Drill 4 - "I didn't" to "I said" phrases.

Shorthand World - 50 to 110 wam. If you can hear past the British accents, this is a good source.

Court Reporting Tutor on YouTube - A wide variety of practice material and speeds available.

Keep reading the rest of the list here, here, and here.


courtreporting said...

There should be more free steno speed drills..for cstudent courtreporters.

alissa ross said...

hi, I am a student at Key College , in theory one, learning the Stened Theory and i am hoping someone has some dictation or practice i can use. the class is at 20 WPM and we have learned up to chapter 13 in the Stened theory book...all trhe latters on the inital and final sides of the keyboard, long vowels, basic briefs and phrases as well as the 150 most common words, we are learning word suffixes at this point but I have been swcouring the net in hopes of finding some variety because dictation in class consists of a very limited amount of sentences. Some winners include..." Sis zipped up her skirt...the fat slob is in the and Meg will be paying the clerk with mom's charge card....the man was about the building, lurking in the bushes..." Obviously I am in desperate need of some new practice drills...word banks, sentences, ANYTHING at all would be greatly appreciated as I have scoured the web for free practice dictation and Realtime Coach looks awesome but alas is not free : ( Thankyou!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried CNN? Or maybe talk radio shows?

Jr. Williams said...

court reporting college

Speaking Louder than Words said...

What double major are you thinking about? The likelihood will depend on the student and other factors, as court reporting school and the career itself require a great deal of time and dedication.

Jhon Marshal said...

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