Sick of Being Sick

After a week of being sick with the flu, I'm finally coming back to court reporting with a full head of steam. Seriously, who gets sick in the summer? Some days were worse than others, and my dad described it best when he said, "My head was so congested I thought I'd get brain damage." So eloquently put, Dad.

I missed a round and a half of speed tests but still managed to finish my practice most days. At the worst of it, I think I maybe put in 10 minutes of practice in between bottles of ginger ale. (Thanks, Reed's Extra Ginger Brew. I'm seriously going to buy stock in that company.) On the upside, though, I was able to catch up on some reading. Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post where I will share with you some info I gleaned from those pages while contemplating whether or not I'd make it through the night. Okay, okay, enough drama already.

So this brings me to my burning questions: How do court reporters work while they're sick? And how does a student keep up in school when real illness comes around? The answer is, well, I really don't know -- maybe chicken noodle soup and NyQuil. I tried as hard as I could to stay up on the dictations, but it was futile. I actually got despondent and entertained the possibility that I was, in fact, getting worse at court reporting instead of better. Maybe it's just best to call in sick and or take the day (almost) off of work or practicing so you can get better faster and come back to it at 100%. Oh, and take your vitamins and eat well to hopefully prevent illness! That's all she wrote, folks.