Silly Sentences Saturday

I'm declaring today Silly Sentence Saturday for steno students. Practice these finger-twisters by sight.

Won't your friend Trent flaunt the trend?
won't WO*ENT

He was ordinarily very orderly in following local ordinances.
ordinarily OIRLD orderly ORLD ordinance OIRNS

Please grade the great flatbread according to taste.
according to KORGT

My sister's central interest was centering on interested parties in the center of the interesting room.
sister ST-R central STRAL interest TR- centering STR-G interested TR-D interesting TR-G

In terms of seconds, how long did they yell negative things weekly at people?
terms TERMZ seconds SEKDZ how long HOUNG negative NEG weekly WAOEBLG

So today Steve said to get just your best guess as to how many guests Bess had to do something for.
today TAID as to STO* how many HOUM to do TOD something SM-G

Was that one cycle or two cycles in the circumstance of that circle?
cycle SAOIBLG circumstance SIRK circle SIRBLG

Did one officer or all of the officers offer all of us any office space?
officer AUFRS all of the A*UFLT offer AUFR all of us A*UFLS office AUFS