Speed and Accuracy

I used to think that speed on the steno machine was solely the product of taking down notes at push speeds and getting used to fast dictation, but I've recognized as of late that it's not that simple.

Yes, you do need to get your brain used to processing audio faster than you currently can; however, a strong foundation in one's theory and clear notes will go a lot farther for a court reporting student than writing *passably* at blistering speed. I just passed my first 170 literary on Tuesday, but at what cost to my accuracy? I kind of had to "pull it" from my notes and don't want that to be my Achilles' Heel any longer.

This week I've been focusing on my accuracy and am starting to think that reviewing one theory chapter a day and less super fast dictation (20% of the time) is my plan for the next week or two. After that is when I start working on Stenograph's Performance Accelerators. Will keep you posted on how those programs work.

Ignore the part about the fountain pen. You can keep using your steno machines, don't worry.

From Shorthand Dictation Exercises 1918 (no longer under copyright)