Word Families

Another quick post today, as I'm doing takes this morning. I'm a big briefer and have been since the beginning. I can remember getting singled out in class for briefing words that kept coming up in dictation after dictation just because they weren't supplied by my teachers or our theory book.

These days I'm adding fewer single briefs unless they're really common or part of a word family. So make it your goal this week to focus on word families, and you'll become a better steno writer and court reporting student before you know it.

Check out the following link to see a free preview of 240 Word Families in Sentence Context which could be extremely helpful to a steno student trying to get a handle on specific word parts or structures.

perform P-FRM
platform PLAFRM
reform R-FRM
uniform YAOUFRM

carry KAER
marry MAER
vary VAER

imply KBLAOI
impose KBOEZ
improve KBRAO*UF

warfare WAFR
welfare WEFR

powerful P-FL
successful S-FL
wonderful W-FL

As a bonus, add in the asterisk to give these an -ly ending.

powerfully P*FL
successfully S*FL
wonderfully W*FL