Free Steno Drills & Dictation

Here are some free steno dictation resources, audio drills, and 4-voice drills that are new to me. Some were shared by a Facebook friend. Happy practicing! Be one with your machine. ;)


180 Stairstepping with Magic Drill 180 - 240 wpm court reporting drill. Whew! What a work-out. Good stuff focusing on little words and teaches us to drop early and stay up on the speaker. Not writing at 180? Not a problem. See my blog post on how to slow down YouTube videos.

Steno Speedbuilding for 180s with Steve Shastay More good stuff! Designed for 170 or 180 students, but anyone can speed it up or slow it down using link above.


Huntington Junior College Some good hardcopy drills and steno help videos.

Mastering Machine Shorthand 800 Most Common Depo Phrases

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