Silly Sentence Saturday - Part Trois

Here's still more silly sentences to drill during your steno practice session today.

He purports to be a popular porpoise for purposes unknown to him. purports PURPTS, popular PORP, porpoise PORPS, purposes PURPZ,
for purposes FORPZ

Many of the manufacturers modify their manufacturing modifications monthly. many of the MAOFT, manufacturer M-FR, modify MOF,
manufacturing M-FG, modifications MOFGS,
monthly MONL, 
manufacture M-F

I check the database on a daily basis to see if they make any major changes. database DAIBS, daily DAEL, basis BAES, daily basis DAEBS, to see TOZ, major MAIJ

During that time the degree was issued, did you agree or disagree with that decision? during DUR,  that time THA*MT, degree D-G, issued SHUD,
agree -RG, did you agree DURG, disagree D-RG, decision D-GS

We were on a yearly permanent payment schedule earlier. yearly YAOERL, permanent PAMT, payment PAIMT, schedule SKEJ, earlier YAERL

While it's gracious you have caution, being too cautious in this area will get you no congratulations. gracious GRAIRBS, caution KAUGS, cautious KAURBS, congratulations GRAFPGS/-S

The local institute of technology doesn't substitute for most universities, but still constitutes a great education. local LAEL, institute STAOUT,      technology T-J, substitute STUT, constitutes TAOUTS, technological TOJ