Silly Sentences Saturday Returns

It's baaack!  Here's more nonsense sentences to practice today.

My favorite steno snack has the very same shelf life as the next thickest peanut butter. favorite FAIVT

It is evident what evidence is relevant from what they tell me. evident *EFT relevant R*EFT evidence *EFD tell me T*EM

What two experimental computer games dwell where we undoubtedly find more new things in our air? experimental SKPERMT/TAL undoubtedly NOULT in our NOUR

The standard proposed requirements appropriate for retirement start the process to make him whole. standard STARD proposed PROEPD requirements RAOIRMTS appropriate PROEPT retirement RE/TAOIRMT process PROS

Did anybody think anyone knows anything about those nine spry court reporting theory students from this year?
theory THAOER students STAOUNZ from this FR-TSDZ

What type of tight-fitting fill pipe will switch the fight to those mainly found in between followers on Twitter? mainly MAINL followers FOL/ERZ Twitter TW*IRT
(and you might as well add Facebook! FA*IB)

Every American finds they must be simply wondering about the precedent-setting recession and its recovery. must be MUB wondering WORNGD precedent PR-PBT setting SEGT recession REFGS recovery ROIVR