Practice Technique -- Speed Charts Method

Here is a speedbuilding practice technique our teachers told us about in school, but I've turned it into chart form for easy comprehension.

In the first example, you'd practice the audio track at 100% the first time through, and for the second repetition, you slow it down to 90% with your variable speed player (I use the play speed settings in Windows Media Player. Click here to learn how. Or some fellow students use ExpressScribe.) Repetition #3 would be at 80%, etc.

Choose the appropriate speed chart to go along with the difficulty of the track and whether it's a trail speed, push speed, or goal speed. You can even print it off and check off each repetition as you go. Happy speedbuilding!

Taken from my response to a comment on this post, here's a breakdown of which chart would be good for which type of material.

The second one down would be a good one to push your limits. I think the ones that have a large range of speeds, like #3 and #4, if we're counting top to bottom and then over, would be good for less dense material and can therefore be practiced over a large number of speeds.

#1 and #5 might be good for more dense material, and then #6 would be a good one to practice control speeds on.