Steno Machine Blues: Trouble Under the Hood

When you're living the steno student life, there's going to be ups and downs. The last few weeks, I've been telling fellow students and other people in my life that I'm going to start looking to buy my first professional steno machine real soon.

Well, today I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it may happen sooner than I thought. The bad news? If I do, it'll be on account of my attempt to be cheap/go green and having been writing paperless on my Stenograph 400 SRT paper machine for the past few weeks.

I went to take some speed tests this morning only to find that my ribbon cartridge no longer fits in my machine, I assume, because I take it out when I write paperless. Some thin cylindrical metal piece running underneath the key contact switches has somehow slid askew and neither it nor the cartridge goes back in. So a word to the wise: Don't write without your ribbon cartridge until further notice unless you're monetarily and emotionally prepared to upgrade at this time.

Thankfully, my state fall convention is coming up soon.  There's supposed to be someone that does machine repairs/service there, so I'm going to see if they can A) fix it for a nominal fee, or B) pronounce it dead, and I can move on to greener pastures, a new professional steno writer. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Update: The steno guru at the convention was able to fix my machine for free. Yay!