Free Steno Drills and Court Reporting Dictation

Finding free steno drills and court reporting dictation is better than having to buy speed tapes, right? Here are a few more audio practice resources for you aspiring stenographers and shorthand students out there. Get out your machine and enjoy!

Court Reporter Practice Dictation An excellent 45-minute podcast that starts off with a preview word list and retention sentences, and then continues with 5-minute takes of 200 wpm jury charge, 220 and 200 legal opinion, 180 literary, 200 and 225 Q&A, and then ends with untimed medical Q&A. Works best in iTunes. Windows media wouldn't play it for me. These are dictated from StenEd speedbuilding books, I believe.

AM Lesson 2 Rate of Speech A paragraph dictated at four different speed levels. 140, 150, 160, and 180 wpm. Located under heading First Step right near the top.

SRAA: For Reporters Speed Library Parliamentary, Jury Charge, and Q&A from 50 to 200 wpm. Some dead links, but others work like a charm. For Windows Media Player.

More steno drills and audio here, here, here, and here.