Have Confidence in Your Theory -- Raw Steno Notes

Never underestimate the tortoise.

There is always talk about in court reporting forums about how one steno theory is superior or inferior to the next and people blaming their lack of success on the theory they learned. It may be true that some are shorter than others, and some are rather stroke-intensive, but each has its merits and can be customized. But perhaps most importantly, each has graduated working reporters and CART/captioning providers. It all comes down to learning one's theory inside-out, backwards and frontwards, and anyone can succeed with any given theory.

This text is borrowed from Rutherford's Practical Shorthand, no longer under copyright. I've put it in both steno and English so you can see how I write each word and what a particular outline means, if you and I don't write it the same way.

Yep, I realize "The" needs to be capitalized, but I'm tired and am going to bed.