Little and Common Word Drills

For a court reporting, CART, or captioning student, sometimes the little words are what get us down and are so often misheard or written incorrectly. How to remedy that? Easy. Drill the hell out of them! Without further ado, here is a compilation of free little word drills found on the internet that are perfect for steno students to practice ad nauseum.

Drill HFWS Smaller common words drill.

Drill of, or, over Those always seem to come out as "oaf" or some other incorrect form for me. Second part deals with common words and inflected endings.

Drill in the  Sentence drills read quickly.  "Her pals are in the welding shop." "Is the top part of her skull hard or soft?"

Drills little words  Focuses on pronouns and prepositions

Drill TRT 17 little words Words and then sentences from TRT 17

Drills Little Words Words, fast sentences (drop as soon as she starts the next sentence!), ends with states.

There. That should keep you busy for a while. I'll do this again soon. There's so many good little word drills out there. :) Happy practicing, steno people!