NCRA 180 #2 and The Joys of Camping
Today's steno practice diary is from the same NCRA speed tape but is the second selection of 180 wpm literary material. This one is about camping, which happens to be both one of my favorite and least favorite pastimes.

While we're on the subject, I went camping once this past summer at my grandparents' pine tree farm with my boyfriend and another couple, which would have been cool if my boyfriend and my friend weren't butting heads all weekend. I'm sure my anxiety level was upped by the fact that they were shooting our anti-bear rifle at an archery target, and me thinking that the neighbors would call the cops for fear we were killing somebody out there.

We only got stuck in the ditch once and had to be winched out by my wonderful cousin who lives down the road from there. There was a scary moment there where the Impala sat practically straight up and down, not unlike how the Titanic did just before it slipped below the surface. Only by the grace of God, I presume, the car landed gently on all four tires, safe and sound. Except for the broken tie-rod, that is, but the point is that we made it home safely.

Time: A hour and a half. (Hey, it's Saturday, and I had equipment issues.)
Pages: 45

Hesitation words: scratching SKRAFPG, camp KAFRP, Mt. M*T, agitation APBLG/TAEUGS, foundation, TPOUPBGS, gratifying TKPWRAT/TPAOEU/-G, municipality PHAOUPT, discovered STKO*FRD, accompanied AEU/KPAEPBD

Dictionary entries: sheets SHAOETS, packs, PABGZ, simply SPHRE, gather TKPWA*RT, triggers TREURGZ, hikers HAOEUK/ERZ, climbers KHRAOEUPL/ERZ