Practice Diary 180 Literary

This is my first attempt at a post like this, a concept borrowed from fellow blogger Harley at, which you should check out after you read this. There's an awesome list of Q&A extensions on there as the top post right now.

So today I've been working on an old NCRA 225 wpm tape, and first up is a 180 literary piece about the paper industry. I use PAIP for paper and STREU for industry. Eclipse mistakenly translated "paper industry" as "papistry," which is apparently a derogatory term used to describe Roman Catholics. No offense intended, anybody. Just might want to make a dictionary entry for "paper industry" to avoid alienating anybody while doing realtime in the future.

Time spent: 2+ hrs
Page count: 50
Speed levels: 70% to 100% of original speed

Hesitation (HEGS) words: KPWRAO*UFG improving, SPWRAOEFG increasing, KARB/RAEURT carburetor, TKRUPT disrupt, PROPT prospect, P*EFRPT perspective, PW*EU/KWRO/PHASZ biomass, O*UT/PUT output, TKPWAPBLZ gallons, SKPAPBGS expansion, HUPS hundred percent.

Dictionary Entries: HA*FRBS harvest, SPWEG/RAEUTD integrated, SPWEG/RAEUGS integration, SPWEG/RA*EUFT integrative, SHA*EUFGZ shavings, KW*EUFT equivalent, O*UBL obviously, A*UNL annually, SUL/FAOEUT sulfite, RE/NAOUBL renewable, PUL/-PG pulping, LEURZ liquors.

Soundalikes: WA*ES/WA*EUS waste/waist, TON/TUN ton/tun, ROL/ROEL roll/role

Mastered? Need to revisit.