Q&A Phrases Free Audio Drills

Edit: These links no longer work. Sometimes podcasts get deactivated, so I'll check back in the future to see if they get put back up. In the meantime, don't use these links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Using phrases in Q&A dictation can be very beneficial to court reporting and steno students. Phrases can mean the difference between keeping up with the dictation and losing it altogether, so do yourself a favor and brush up on these free practice drills of Q & A phrases.

First off, here is a list of Q&A phrases and popular Q&A phrases before you get started on these free audio drills in case you're missing some phrases.

Free Q&A Audio Drills

QA endurance and phrases Great drill to practice accident phrases and deposition phrases!

Drills Q&A Phrases Another good one to drill Q&A phrases

Drill Phrases and Finger Twisters Q&A phrases and consonant combinations.

High Freq Phrases Just what it says, high frequency phrases.

Drill Phrases More phrases to practice!

Drill Phrases 2 Still more phrases to practice.

If there are any you still can't find a phrase for, just ask in the comment section, and I'll do my best to share mine and/or find one for you. Let me know if any are repeats, please.