Audio Steno Practice Drills for Free

It's been a while since I've posted new free audio dictation for court reporting and other steno students to practice, so it's about time I do another update on the subject. I like to switch up the types and subject matter of drills to practice, and hearing voices of different speakers helps get us used to writing different speech patterns.

First up is a 10-minute preview of the Shel Silverstein's Runny Babbit audiobook. Click on the play button next to "play sample" below the cover artwork to listen to it. It's great practice for taking down dictation purely phonetically. I seriously love Shel Silverstein's work, and pretty much all his books would be awesome court reporting practice material, both from audio and hard copy.

Next up on the list of new free dictation is a new site I stumbled upon through someone on twitter. It's called Realtime Fitness Online and requires a free sign-up to access the materials. There are some really great materials on there in the practice arcade, including files at 140, 160, and 180 wpm and word lists perfect for dictionary building. They also offer CEUs and online training, but that costs extra and is not required to use the audios.

After sharing that link, @Nerd_for_Words (who just started an awesome blog on how to get the most out of Eclipse software and macros) found an additional site that has practice files over at They are especially suited for students that want to do CART, caption, or anyone that just wants to improve their realtime skills.

 That's all for today, stenoverse! Thanks for reading.

Just can't get enough free dictation? Here's the rest of my collection. Here, here, here, and here.