Multi-Stroke Words and Fruit for Thought

In my quest to finish steno school, I have come to the realization that one of my weaknesses is writing out unfamiliar multi-stroke words. So to nip this in the bud, so to speak, here's the first of a few lists of multi-stroke words, this one being fruits and vegetables that are a mouthful to pronounce and practice, so get your fingers writing according to your theory. Make sure these words are in your dictionary. You never know when they'll come up, be it in a grocery store slip-and-fall case or captioning the Food Network.

bok choy               apricot
cantaloupe             gooseberry
mandarin orange     chanterelle
papaya                  muskmelon
radicchio               zucchini
tomato                  cauliflower
pomelo                  broccoli
celeriac                  pineapple
taro root                guava
collard greens         jalapeno pepper
bergamot               artichoke
banana                   cabbage
durian                     kumquat
mushroom               persimmon
rutabaga                 tangerine
spinach                   pomegranate
boysenberry            cassava
asparagus               sweet potato
romaine lettuce        coconut
pumpkin                  water chestnut
acorn squash           Brussels sprout
kiwifruit                   habanero
kohlrabi                   curly endive
radishes                   cucumber
green onion              turnip
grapefruit                 avocado
nectarine                  Bosc pear
Meyer lemon            watermelon

Am I missing any yummy fruit or vegetable finger fumblers? Add them in the comment section.