7UP, Break Up, & Make Up

To 7UP, to make up, or to break up? Hmm. Why can't you have all three? With steno, you can. If you guys are longtime readers of Court Reporter Bound, you know I like word families. This week's post is about a word family that comes up a lot and has so many incarnations; The Up family.

I think I was given a few of these while I was in theory class, though I don't know if they were part of Sten Ed or something my teachers threw at us. Whatever. Doesn't matter. The point is that sometimes you can see patterns in a list of similar briefs, and then boom, you add to the family following the same principle(s). Here's my non-comprehensive list of the "up" family. Feel free to add to this list in the comments if you think of any good ones.

7UP                         #UP
(lolJK. Just came up with that one, but I kinda like it for no particular reason other than my guy drinks it all the time.)
back up/backup       BAUP    BA*UP
break up/breakup    BRAIP   BRA*IP
broke up                 BROEP
check up/checkup   KHUP     KH*UP
clean up/cleanup      KLAOEP  KLAO*EP
close up/closeup      KLOEP   KLO*EP
come up                  KMUP
flare up/flareup         FLAIRP  FLA*IRP
follow up/followup   FLOUP   FLO*UP
give up                    GI*FP
grow up                  GROE*P (beware, RTers, of possible, um, conflicts.)
grown up/grown-up GRUP    GR*UP
hold up/holdup        HOUP    HO*UP
line up/lineup           LUP        L*UP
lock up/lockup        LOUP     LO*UP
make up/makeup     MAIP     MA*EUP
pick up/pickup/pup  PUP       P*UP      PUP/PUP
(Not a great solution, I know. Suggestions?)
screw up/screwup    SKRAOUP SKRAO*UP
shut up                     SHUP
stand up/stand-up     STAUP  STA*UP
start up/start-up        STARP  STA*RP
stuck up/stuck-up     STUP     ST*UP
walk up/walk-up      WAUP   WA*UP

Philosophy aside: Strange how powerful the word "up" is. For being just two teensy letters, it's very transformative. Every word in this list seems so final or powerful but wouldn't be so much so if it were on its own. Huh. Everything really is a metaphor for everything else.