The Waiting Game

Graphic as modified by me from the original version

Some things never change. When I was in school, if I'd take a test that I thought I passed, sometimes I'd almost be paralyzed in between its completion and when I heard back from my teacher about how I did. It was almost like a state of suspended animation where I didn't want to practice or do anything but see my results. Cue my current state of limbo while waiting to see the results from the November 5 RPR.

Thankfully, though, after several days off from practice, I started doing almost-daily practice again in the hopes of gaining additional speed to keep up with fast-talking attorneys. So as hard as it seems to keep practicing while waiting for your results, do it because you'll thank yourself later. After a small breather or reward of some sort, of course. Take a couple hours off, do something you enjoy, and then get back to practicing. You'll get through school faster and become a better, faster writer for it.