More Free Steno Dictation


Time for another update of the free audio dictation that's out there for stenography and other shorthand students to practice on the Internet. This round actually has speeds ranging from 70 to 110 words a minute, which is good because sometimes the lower speeds are harder to find.

This is a series of YouTube videos from 2011. Enjoy!

70 wpm

80 wpm

90 wpm

100 wpm

110 wpm


Anonymous said...

How about some 240-260?

Jenni said...

Don't have any good sources for those speeds right now, but if I find any, I'll definitely post them!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will be of any interest. It's already accessible on your blog via the dictation links on the "Pitman's shorthand - totally devoted to new era" web page where you have linked to the audio part of the site - I don't think I've got the name quite right. The British based shorthand society IPS ( have posted a few audio clips and (I think) are gradually uploading more. They are at about 80 wpm I think - with some at no particular speed for stamina. Not too many at present - it's a work in progress but the lady doing the readings (who is NOT the writer)has worked as a court reporter using both the pen and the stenotyping machine) and also teaches stenotyping. The totally devoted to new era also has a ling to "stenostream" which is a different blog to stenospeed. It is American and newish and has quite a range of speeds. As I say you already have a link to "totally devoted to new era" so may feel it is over egging the pudding to mention these items independently on your own blog. I leave it to you to make the decision. Regards, Retired Secretary

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