Questions & answers written in black & white
are edited on screen and proofread from paper.
A red pen marks punctuation and spellings to right.
Corrections in yellow highlighter while updating later.

Words have weight, 
some light, some heavy.
This is not my personal fate.
Can't carry them indefinitely.

So fire up the shredder.
As it hungrily devours, 
I feel a bit better.

 A fabric pouf arrives from Jodhpur, India,
known as the Blue City in the desert,
lovingly selected and brought stateside
by kindred spirit Kim of Sutra Global Imports.

Handcrafted from fabric scraps by women half the world away,
stuffed to the top with tiny fragments of transcripts,
together we turn trash into treasure.  

Transformation can be messy work,
though the beauty that can come of it
is well worth the effort.
Just ask the butterfly.

This message (and ottoman) are office dog approved.

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