Cleared out

There was a frog in my throat for a while or maybe a toad.  (Ribbit, croak, ahem.)

Ah, much better.

It was a creative blockage of sorts, one where I've been making stuff yet not putting it out there.  I knew I wanted to share inspiration and shout encouragement from the rooftops, but instead I let my career and other responsibilities be the excuse for not sharing art and words.  It's much easier to place the blame on something outside of myself rather than to admit that I'm standing in my own way. I even thought this silence would keep me safe, but the harm it instead causes is much worse: self-censorship.

Now that my backlog of transcripts is temporarily cleared, I've assigned myself the task of sharing recent projects because...

I have faith in the Source
from which we've all sprung
like the sound of a bell
once it's been rung.