Eagleee of concrete

Never thought I'd add "yard ornament repair specialist" to my resume, yet here we are. As you can see, the concrete eagle statue as pictured above has seen better days. Many winters in the Midwest had chipped a chunk off its beak, gouged one wing, and required a complete reattachment of the other.

Fear not, though, as things with sentimental value can often be fixed with the right tools and a little bit of elbow grease. The process here involved preparing some Quikrete, adding to the mix some sand, if I remember right, waiting for the material to dry just enough to work with as if it were clay, and smoothing it on & sculpting it to blend in and.

Once the concrete patches were all dry, I laid down a drop cloth and set the eagle statue on a riser. Then using a steady hand and some paintbrushes to apply at least two coats of outdoor-friendly acrylic paint from the craft store, the project was brought to completion.

Honestly, making it through this process was a journey of sorts. There were unexpected lessons, challenges to overcome, and my resolve and patience were tested. Thankfully, the final result makes it all worthwhile. Eagleee, my feathered frenemy, went back to his previous perch and watches over my mother-in-law's house & yard once again. It's kind of fun to give worn items a new lease on life.