Setting up audio for remote court hearings

Here's an update to share my audio setup for virtual court hearings conducted via Zoom or other videoconferencing software. This arrangement uses two male to female 3.5mm audio splitters and two male to male mini-phone audio cables, the arrangement of which I will explain in detail below. 

First you plug the single male end of splitter #1 into the audio output jack of the device on which you're running the video/teleconference software, pictured here by the iPhone 6S plus. Then audio cable "A" connects the microphone input jack of the steno machine to one of the female slots on splitter #1.

The male end of splitter #2 gets plugged into the other female opening of splitter #1. Audio cable "B" connects one female slot of splitter #2 to the microphone input of the laptop I run my CAT software on. Headphones plug into the second female slot of splitter #2, and voila, you're off to the races.

My current typical arrangement is to run Zoom on one laptop (instead of the iPhone) and my CAT software on a second computer. When on a video conference call, that's the only program I run at that time on that device, so as to free up more processing power and hopefully avoid lags in the video/audio.

In my opinion, the audio quality captured this way is better than just pointing my audiosync mic at the speakers on a computer. Note: this setup will only work for devices that have 3.5mm audio ports, so this is not what to do if you're videoconferencing on a newer iPhone without a headphone jack.